June - 29 - 2012

Sam Winchester finds Love in Season 8

It looks like Sam Winchester is going to have his hands tied in a number of places when ‘Supernatural‘ returns for an eighth season this fall on The CW. It’s being reported that ‘Supernatural’ producers and new show-runner Jeremy Carver are looking get Sam Winchester’s blood pumping with a new love interest, and we’re not talking about demons this time! So who’s the new girl, and what does it mean for his brother Dean? Will we learn more at Comic-Con 2012?

Zap2It reports that ‘Supernatural’ season 8 will see the arrival of a new recurring love interest for Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), and there’s nothing supernatural about her. Though the role has yet to be cast, Sam’s new squeeze will be that of “Amelia” a doctor in her late 20s – early 30s who’s “overwhelmed by a devastating tragedy” when we first meet her.

Though Sam has been through his share of women over the years, Amelia will mark the character’s first recurring love interest since the demon Ruby (played by Jared Padalecki’s now-wife Genevieve Cortese), last seen in season 4. Amelia will make her first appearance in the eighth season’s third episode, set to be directed by fellow series star Jensen Ackles, and filmed first when production resumes shortly in Vancouver.

Seeing as season 7 finale of ‘Supernatural’ “Survival of the Fittest” left off with the Winchester brothers separated when Dean (Ackles) found himself trapped in purgatory, it remains to be seen if the elder Winchester brother will have returned to hunting with his brother by episode three of next season. As Zap2It points out, the case that brings Sam to Amelia will involve a stripper, something Dean would certainly be loathe to miss.

What do you think of the new romance for Sam in season 8, Give us your thoughts in the comment below!


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