April - 17 - 2011

6.18 – Frontierland – Early Review

Supernatural’s “Frontierland” is a humorous TV western for the ages!


A show that is as male-driven (despite having a female showrunner this season) as Supernatural just had to tackle a western at some point, right? Both series stars are from Texas, but even if they didn’t grow up with Stetsons, spurs, and shoot-outs, this genre seemed ripe for homage from a team that so successfully took on vampires, zombies, heaven, hell, meta, and fairies. And finally that episode, aptly titled “Frontierland”, is upon us!

Within “Frontierland,” of which fans who attended PaleyFest’s panel honoring the series saw a small sneak peek, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) get sent back in time to find Samuel Colt (guest star Sam Hennings). The man who built the Devil’s Gate and created a gun that can kill demons is also about to stumble onto another phenomenon: how to kill a Phoenix. Not River (still too soon?), not Joaquin, but an actual Phoenix. After stumbling upon his journal in the Campbell family library, they learn he has done it once, and the only way to get in touch with him is to be touched by an angel and shot back centuries earlier.

Dean is thrilled– he is a veritable kid in a candy store– but Sam is…not. Dean eagerly goes shopping for cowboy hats, button-down shirts, big belt buckles, and a poncho, or as he calls it (probably because the sales lady did), a zarape. “They’re authentic,” he is insistent, and he grins widely as he wears it, despite it having weird stripes and looking kind of like something we’d bring to the beach.

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Frontierland airs on Friday, April 22nd, on The CW.


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