February - 24 - 2011

Ben Edlund’s directing debut

Supernatural fans, have you been dying to know what a Ben Edlund directed episode of the show would look like? If you’re nodding eagerly, then mark your calendars down for May 6th. That’s when Edlund will be making his Supernatural directing debut, a rep for the show confirms.

The episode, titled “The Man Who Would Be King”, will also be written by Edlund. No details about the plot are available yet, but judging by Edlund’s writing credits on the CW series, which include this week’s hilarious meta episode “The French Mistake” (more coming on that soon!), the possibilities are endless.

However, considering how close the episode airs to the end of the season, I’m guessing it will involve more myth than mirth. If so, it wouldn’t be the first time Edlund has expertly handled a mythology heavy episode (see season 4′s terrific “On the Head of a Pin”).

Edlund’s only other TV directing credit is Angel‘s “Smile Time,” which he also wrote. It is possibly one of the best episodes of TV ever.



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