January - 5 - 2011

Genevieve Cortese returns to Supernatural


Genevieve Cortese will be making a comeback to “Supernatural”, but she won’t be reprising her role as Ruby. Giving a spoiler for the horror series, journalist Michael Ausiello spilled to TV Line that the real-life wife of series star Jared Padalecki is expected to play herself in an upcoming episode.

In this late winter episode, Sam and Dean will find themselves transported to an alternate universe where “they are actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki starring in a cult TV show called Supernatural.” It was further noted that in this alternate world, Sam has a wife who is none other than the Tracy Stark of “FlashForward” herself.

The same won’t happen with Jensen’s wife Danneel Harris though. The former “One Tree Hill” star has shot down any possibility when met by Zap2It on the set of NBC’s “Friends With Benefits”. She said, “I don’t think that’d go over too well. I’m honestly so happy where I am right now. I love visiting their set, but it’s fun to just watch Jensen do his thing.”


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