October - 19 - 2010

6.06 – You Can’t Handle the Truth – Stills

The CW released some episode stills of “6.06 – You Can’t Handle the Truth“, (Friday, October 29).

Plus, the site Zap2it has an article about this episode, with more huge spoilers…

‘Supernatural’ sneak peek: Will Sam and Dean’s relationship ever be the same?

When Zap2it visited the “Supernatural” set, Ackles said that the tension between Sam and Dean would definitely get worse before it gets better. “In the trailer, there’s a shot of me hitting him, and that wasn’t edited to look as though it was; that actually happened,” he says.

Nothing hurts a relationship like uncontrollable honesty, and in “You Can’t Handle the Truth” Sam gets a rather unpleasant dose. The brothers are investigating a string of suicides resulting from brutal honesty —
as in, people literally can’t handle the truth about themselves, so they’re cutting their lives short.

When it turns out that Veritas, the Goddess of Truth, isn’t exactly a good goddess, Dean’s life begins to mirror Jim Carrey’s in “Liar Liar.” Ouch. Unable to tell a lie, Dean finally tells Sam how he really feels about… well, everything, including Sam’s year of hiding and his new attitude since his return from Hell.

We’re guessing Sam doesn’t exactly appreciate the honesty… or the giant knife being waved in his face.

Though the official CW description only mentions that Dean can’t tell a lie, the trailer linked above makes it seem that Dean gains the ability to force those around him to tell the truth, too… so Sam’s secrets may be revealed as well.

Hopefully, getting everything out into the open will be one step toward repairing their relationship. We can’t help but miss seeing the Brothers Winchester actually enjoying each other’s company instead of tip-toeing around their multitude of issues.

Source: Zap2it.com


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