September - 9 - 2010

Misha Collins Interview

The site TV Over Mind has an interview with the actor

Misha Collins regarding the great charity project, Random Acts.

Jon: How did this charity come about?

Misha: Basically, I’m trying to help galvanize my Twitter base to doing some cool projects together. I kind of noticed early on that there was a lot of people putting a lot of creative energy into being my Twitter followers or being Supernatural fans or whatever. And that it might be a worthwhile endeavor to try to harness some of that energy and focus to it into something kind of productive and kind. And so that is, in a nutshell, the genesis of the project. And it’s working surprisingly well. I mean, you know, it’s kind of amazing to be able to email someone and be like, “All right, well we’ve got a website up.” And to have that actually happen for free in a matter of a few days, that is quite a cool resource. So I’m thrilled with how it’s going so far. And I’m looking forward to finding out how it evolves in this nutshell.

Jon: There’s random acts, but you have a couple of big time things going on, right? Three orphanages in Haiti, is that correct?

Misha: Yeah. We’re working with three particular orphanages in Haiti. I’ve actually gotten some flack on that, about that because people are saying, “You should be working with the aid organizations that have infrastructures set up. You shouldn’t be doing stuff on your own.” Actually, as a rule, I actually kind of agree with that perspective. But in this specific instance I happen to have a personal contact with the people who are working with these orphanages. So I know that they’re people that I can trust and actually directly send through the. [This way we] avoid paying some of the administrative costs for doing the running pf the orphanages like big international aid organizations, and have the money go directly to the orphanages. One of which was actually demolished in the earthquake. And the others are just struggling because there are so many more orphans after the earthquake than there were before. So yeah, that’s that. And then we’re just sending a little bit of money to a large international aid organization to help with the flood victims in Pakistan. That’s a big problem that immediately needs attention.

Jon: Where do you stand as far as your fundraising goals are concerned there? How much farther do you have to go? Or is it just until it’s done, sort of?

Misha: With the monetary milestones, we are doing well. And I hope that we get 25% to 30% more than what we have right now before I even run on Sunday. You know, it’s dependent on how far I run. If I don’t run very far, we don’t take very much money. It puts a lot of onus on me to not sprain my ankle. Or if I do, then just suck it up and keep going. So, yeah, I definitely want to try to go as far as possible.

Jon: How can people support your efforts in the run?

Misha: Well if people go to the website, they can click on the pledge button there and pledge for the run. Or they can just donate, there’s donation box set up there.

Jon: The other aspect of it I found really fascinating was just the sort of the Random Acts promotion was the giving away of flowers and helping out some old folks with furniture, stuff like that. How are you coordinating that? Is that the stuff that is happening organically as a result of what you started?

Misha: Yeah, actually it’s kind of a mix. I mean some of those projects were projects that were a little bit more pointed and hence planned out. And some were much more extemporaneous and just required things that people were dealing with in various places. And I think that moving forward what we’ll do is we’ll have people tweet in suggestions of projects to undertake. And also encourage people to do projects on their own. But for the bigger projects that might require some resources from the organization, we’ll select some projects that people recommend. So it will a collective effort. It won’t be something that will be just dictated upon high problems, near the other people who’re running the Random Acts, it will be a collective process. Which I’ll think will make people a little bit more engaged and it more dynamic and fun for everyone. Yeah.

Go visit the Random Acts site and donate your money.

I have no doubt Misha will make sure to run as far as he can to raise the money.


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