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Castiel Season 6 Spoilersclose


Here are 2 new spoilers from Misha Collins regarding Castiel in Season 6. If you don't want to read them then don't click the link below. Spoiler 1In episode three of the new season, Castiel gets to crush Sam’s car with his body as a projectile. It’s, in fact, going to be a good season for the show and for the cast. Castiel has a very different role that he ...

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Misha Collins Interviewclose


The site TV Over Mind has an interview with the actor Misha Collins regarding the great charity project, Random Acts. Jon: How did this charity come about? Misha: Basically, I’m trying to help galvanize my Twitter base to doing some cool projects together. I kind of noticed early on that there was a lot of people putting a lot of creative energy into being my Twitter followers or being Supernatural ...