August - 3 - 2010

Season 6 Interview with Sera Gamble

Here’s a NEW interview with showrunner Sera Gamble for Supernatural Season 6

Can you talk a bit about about where things stand at the start of the season?

“We have some mythology to set up in the first few episodes. We wrapped up this five-year arc, so we have some setting up do, some resetting to do. And we did this one-year jump so we have to catch up with the boys.”

So for a year, Dean thought Sam was dead, or locked in a cage in Hell?

“Yeah, [he thought] that was it. There’s no way to get your brother out of the cage at the bottom of the lowest depths of the ninth circle of the worst bit of Hell.”

When Eric Kripke did interviews at Comic-Con, he said there was still going to be conflict between the brothers. That got the fans talking a bit, sort of like, “Really? More conflict?”

“There’s never not been conflict between the brothers. [It’s been there] from Day 1.”

But what’s the nature of the conflict? Is it brother against brother or are they fractious while they fight a common enemy?

“It’s about the fact that they have grown and changed, and these characters, who when we met when they were very young, have matured a tremendous amount and changed a tremendous amount. It’s about them figuring out how they can be together the way that they are now and how they can work together.”

Eric was talking at the Comic-Con panel about the the fact that they really began to accept each other and that’s what sort of saved the world at the end of Season 5. So is there more work to be done there?

“I wouldn’t say there’s more work to be done, I would say there’s a different set of circumstances for each of them. We very consciously skipped ahead, because they had been sort of nose to nose for a long time, since Season 4. What we needed to do was get some distance between them, get some personal history for each of them — some new stuff, some new things to play for each of them. So they have new conflict, new circumstances, new stuff.”

You’ve got some new and returning characters in Season 6, right? Can you talk a little bit about that?

“Mitch [Pileggi returning] is the big news, we love him.

“Corin Nemec is a hunter [from the Campbell side of the family], he’s a recurring character. The Campbells [Mary Winchester’s family] have been hunters for a long time. Some hunters are comparatively well-adjusted — they didn’t become hunters because they watched their sister get her face ripped off in front of them when they were 10. They were born into it, sort of like Mary Campbell [Winchester] was. That’s not quite so psychotic so close to the surface. We’re interested in that side of the family.”

And there’s a female Campbell who’ll be in the new season as well, right?

“She’s played by a Canadian actress, Jessica Heafey, and she’s been fantastic so far. [Heafey plays Gwen, a character we meet in the first episode of Season 6]. And we’ve been bringing back monsters that are familiar, and Crowley [Mark Sheppard] is back.

“Misha is a series regular of course. Castiel is a full-powered angel and Heaven is in bad shape. Misha had this dry way of describing it as [Yeltsin in the post-Soviet Union era], but I think it’s more like early days Obama, trying to rally people toward a new way of thinking, which is the Sam and Dean way of thinking. He’s got his hands full and still has a deep personal bond with Sam and Dean and wants to help them. And there are specific things that come up about Sam and Dean that he is very interested in, so you’ll see him early in the season.”

What’s interesting about this new part of the journey? Eric has talked about the Winchesters’ path as sort of a Hero’s Journey, what’s new or different about where they are on that journey?

“There’s a lot of different kinds of Heroes’ Journeys. We talked a lot about Joseph Campbell for a lot of years, we talked about Steven Spielberg movies, we talked a lot about ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in the [writers] room.

We [also] watch a lot of noir movies. I’m a huge noir fan, Bob Singer are huge noir fans. Eric loves this stuff too. It lends a different kind of gritty darkness because the heroes in those stories are not pure white hats.

If you think of ‘L.A. Confidential,’ if you think about Sam and Dean together being like a Bud White or being like a Bud White…. Bud White beats people up. He has anger management problems. He drinks too much. But he’s a hero. The fact that he is moral is a problem. The other sort of hero in that story has a sort of moral relativism.

“There are a lot of shades of gray that we’re playing with this season, in terms of the kind of heroes we’re interested in.”

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