Cast & Crew

Current Cast
Jared Padalecki Sam Winchester
Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester
Jim Beaver Bobby Singer
Misha Collins Castiel
Mark Sheppard Crowley
Osric Chau Kevin Tran (Prophet)
Previous Cast
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
John Winchester
Samantha Smith Mary Winchester
Katie Cassidy Ruby (Season 3)
Genevieve Cortese Ruby (Season 4)
Mark Pellegrino Lucifer
Rachel Miner Meg (2.0)
Mitch Pileggi Samuel Campbell
Rob Benedict Chuck Shurley
Kurt Fuller Zachariah
The Crew
Eric Kripke Creator / Writer (Season 1-5)
Jim Michaels Co-Executive Producer / Producer
Robert Singer Director / Executive Producer
Kim Manners (R.I.P.) Director / Executive Producer / Co-Executive Producer
Philip Sgriccia Director / Supervising Producer / Co-Executive Producer
Ben Edlund Writer / Co-Executive Producer / Consulting Producer
Jeremy Carver Showrunner / Writer / Executive Producer
McG Executive Producer
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