July - 17 - 2013

Jim Beaver returning to Supernatural as Bobby


Yes, you have read the title correctly, and NO you are not dreaming. Jim Beaver as the beloved fatherly figure Bobby Singer is coming back to Supernatural to help the Winchesters fight the evil in the world for the upcoming Season 9. Jim spilled the news via Twitter on Monday evening, read below to see for yourself.

We last saw Bobby in Season 8 episode “Taxi Driver” when Sam had to rescue an innocent soul from Hell. Now the big question is HOW will Bobby return, only one thing is certain for now is that only Jim Beaver knows. It’s safe to assume that Bobby did not like the rocking chair that he got in Heaven. Hopefully we will learn more this weekend from the Supernatural panel at Comic-Con.
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  • flippertwentyeight

    well since bobby is commin back can we bring john back too? plz 🙂

    • Doubt John will be back since Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s very busy schedule!
      Personally, I never liked John. Bobby was a better father figure than John was. John only knew how to bark out orders at the boys!

  • Harry Sampson IV

    They should bring back Adam. Poor third Winchester brother got stuck in Hell in Lucifer’s cage ever since the end of Season 4.

    • You mean Season 5. The Adam storyline is pointless, was very unnecessary, 3rd Winchester really? show is about 2 brothers Sam & Dean, and NOT Sam, Dean and Adam

  • Mason Dylan Hatchett

    Bobby became an angel
    Such as souls become demons
    His soul was so strong that he became an angel
    With metatrons spell he was also expelled from heaven

  • Tony Bissember

    Okay got to say liking season 8 allot & I mean allot more than season 7 & when I buy it I won’t feel as I did with season 7 I am just buying it so I got the full set.

    Are they going to bring back the Carter Edwards character this season as he was funny ?
    Hope they keep the Castiel character but Jim Beaver’s character I am probably alone on this but I just am not bothered.